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As mobile devices and broadband connectivity becomes even more embedded into the way we work and live, the highly competitive telecommunication services market is driven by the need to provide innovative services such as video streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, and mobile payments. Consumers and businesses are demanding more services at lower cost with instant access and global availability.

Telekommunikations- und Internetanbieter (ISPs) stehen vor der Herausforderung, neue Servicearten anzubieten, diese schnell bereitzustellen, die Verfügbarkeit zu erhöhen und gleichzeitig präzise Nutzungsprotokolle für Millionen von Kunden zu führen.

Riak is designed to handle the complex, contextual data that Telcos and ISPs generate. Riak ensures fast, scalable reads and writes for distributed Big Data and IoT applications, helping Telcos and ISPs build services and apps that are responsive, highly reliable, and massively scalable.

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Riak for Telco & Service Providers

  • Scale for Thousands of Users per Second — Telecom providers must support global access by millions of users and store billions of data points. Riak has a masterless architecture that makes adding and removing nodes easy using commodity hardware. Also, as capacity is added, Riak yields a near-linear performance increase by automatically distributing data across nodes in a cluster, eliminating the need to shard data or manually restructure clusters. With thousands of users and billions of data points your data must be accurate. With Riak you never lose a write.
  • Scale Low-latent Global Content — Telco customers access content from around the globe, and expect applications to be fast in every location. Riak provides low-latency, sub-millisecond response times for your applications. Riak is a highly scalable distributed system and scales near linearly when adding nodes to the cluster. Use Riak KV for key/value data and Riak TS for IoT and time series data.
  • Reduce Operational Costs — Telcos & ISPs have complex software ecosystems supported by large IT teams. Any component offering easy operations frees up the team to work on other issues. Riak is architected for operational efficiency. It automatically responds to network partition and hardware failures. It’s easy to add and remove nodes in your cluster without sharding your data. Riak also supports rolling upgrades, so there is no need for a maintenance window.
  • Power Streaming Content and Analytics — The Telco industry generates more variety and volume of data than any other industry. Analyzing that data in real-time can help you understand how your services are used and find better ways to deliver offerings, improve customer experience, and increase revenue. Riak is truly multi-model so you can ingest, transform, store, and analyze massive amounts of key/value and time series data. With the Riak Spark Connector, you can move data from Riak to Apache Spark for enhanced in-memory analytics, and then store the results in Riak for future data processing.
  • Enable Self Service and Chat — You want your customers chatting with you. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, self-service plans and chat support benefit TSPs by mitigating economic pressures. With Riak, these services easily scale and are always available.


Riak KV puts Comcast Cable in control.

Comcast Cable , einer der größten Service-Provider in den USA, hat Riak KV als seinen primären Backend-Datenspeicher für sein HOSS (Highly-Available Object Storage System) eingesetzt, das tausende Benutzer pro Sekunde verarbeitet. Die Daten in HOSS werden aktuell für Funktionen wie das Streaming von Premium-Content und die entfernte DVR-Steuerung genutzt. Comcast hat Riak wegen seines hochverfügbaren, flexiblen Objektspeichers und der größeren Agilität für Entwickler gewählt.

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