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Customers shopping online expect the highest level of performance on any device, anywhere. Increases in latency have substantial impacts on revenue. Amazon is well known for publishing that 100 milliseconds of latency costs them 1% of sales. What might start as abandoned carts can rapidly lead to abandoned loyalty.

Riak KV provides the high-availability, low-latency architecture needed to deliver the “always-on” shopping experience. Whether you are serving up ads or a huge product catalog, Riak KV is ideal for storing your content, and user and session data.

Riak KV is a masterless, distributed database that provides retailers with high read and write availability, fault tolerance, and the ability to grow with low operational cost.

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Riak for Retail and eCommerce

  • Always-on” Shopping Experience — For retailers, failure to accept additions to a shopping cart, or serve product information quickly, has a direct and negative impact on revenue. Riak KV ensures retail infrastructure is resilient and fault tolerant by favoring data availability, even in the event of hardware failure or network partition. Data is replicated automatically within the cluster, so if nodes go down, the system can continue to respond to requests, accepting writes and serving reads at low-latency.
  • Flexible Scale for Peak Seasons and Events — During major holidays and other peak load periods, many retailers have to quickly and significantly increase their database capacity. With Riak KV, new nodes can be quickly and easily added to the cluster with no sharding. Also, Riak KV automatically distributes data evenly in the cluster to prevent hot spots in the database, and yields a near-linear increase in performance and throughput when capacity is added.
  • Manage Product Catalogs — Online retailing requires that product images, descriptions, product ratings, and reviews are served quickly. In order to provide a fast and available experience to end users, Riak KV is designed to serve predictable, low-latency requests as part of a service-oriented infrastructure and is accessible via HTTP API, protocol buffers, or Riak’s many client libraries.
  • Scale Chat Service — Customers expect to reach you online, making chat a crucial component of any retail customer support strategy. Enabling chat at scale requires very fast data storage. Due to its key/value design, Riak KV is ideal for supporting chat features, and for storing and serving social content.
  • Low-latent Global Access — Online and mobile retail customers shop from anywhere around the globe. Riak KV Enterprise with Multi-cluster Replication automatically syncs data across clusters, enabling you to serve data to your customers from whichever cluster is the closest and fastest. Customers get a fast and consistent shopping experience.



Best Buy baut auf Geschwindigkeit mit Riak KV Enterprise.

Best Buy, the 12th largest retailer in the United States, selected Riak KV Enterprise as an integral part of its transformative push to re-platform its eCommerce system. Riak KV Enterprise with Multi-cluster Replication ensures product images, descriptions, product ratings, and reviews for are served up fast.

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Ideel nutzt Riak KV für eine bessere Kundenansprache.

Ideel, eine glamouröse Shoppingwebsite, hat Riak KV als Motor für sein eventbasiertes Online-Shoppingerlebnis gewählt. Zusätzlich wird Riak für A/B- und Multivarianztests eingesetzt, um Benutzerpräferenzen bei neuen Funktionen auf der Website zu erkennen. Außerdem wird Riak zur dynamischen Bereitstellung von benutzerspezifischen Favoritenprodukten auf einer Rasterseite genutzt.

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